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Brazil Nuts: Pandemic affect?

Brazil nuts are a product that has always been in high demand, since it had a price increase of 61% in 2017. Although they currently face a sharp contraction in terms of demand, the price is in the best stage because it is on the rise. How can this trend be explained? Is it the climatic origin or the pandemic? Know the answer together with us.

Brazil Nuts: Pandemic doesn’t stop it

Brazil nut, an increasingly and popular product

Sometimes the price of certain foods increases suddenly and exponentially. This is particularly the case for some products in Europe due to their scarcity. Other countries are also affected by this phenomenon: iceberg lettuce, broccoli and zucchini have been times when they have escaped in the UK. Just as in the United States and Canada there are seasons of cauliflower shortage. Brazil nut, an increasingly popular product, is also under pressure undergoing the same rule in a few months.

Climatic conditions that favor the walnut of Brazil nut The walnut trees in Brazil that allow their harvest grow in specific areas of the Amazon jungle in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. The tree takes at least 12 years to produce its first fruits, and its pollination is not obvious since it depends on a certain type of bee. Walnuts are harvested from December to May.

Brazil nuts price and Pandemic

Occasionally, the drought in the Amazon caused by the El Niño current affects the entire Pacific region and this has a strong impact on production: the lack of precipitation causes the fruit to fall at the beginning of the season and, in consequently a poor harvest. abundant of smaller fruits. Result: the price increases. In this case, the Pandemic has wreaked havoc by shortage of markets and being a product that has high demand, the price will be protagonists in the coming weeks.

Growing demand for health-conscious consumers

However, the Pandemic not only explains the next increase in prices, another important factor is the lifestyle of the informed consumer who seeks to take care of their health. For some time, consumer demand for products that improve their style and health has increased. Well, as an essential part to avoid the Pandemic, a healthy lifestyle, exercise and a healthy diet are recommended.

In fact, Brazil nuts are known to be rich in selenium and beneficial for the skin. It is also a food compatible with gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan diets.

Will this price increase continue?

Some raw materials are sometimes subject to situations where their prices seem to increase disproportionately compared to expectations. But in many cases, the reasons behind these price increases are short-lived. However, the Covid-19 Pandemic has vices to continue to increase, so the concern for a correct diet will only continue to rise.

In the case of Brazil nuts, the dry seasons in the Amazon did not significantly affect the supply; however, the appearance of the Pandemic has generated a favorable environment for investment.

So be patient if you like Brazil nuts. Supply could return to normal in 2021, worse for now everything points to the upside.

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