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Why is Arequipa a good place to grow garlic?

The Arequipa region has all the conditions to become an agricultural power in the field of fresh fruits and vegetables for export.

. It has the right topography and climate, in addition to its relative distance from the sea, since the seacoast is not beneficial for these crops due to the humidity issue that allows the proliferation of fungi.

Another benefit of Arequipa is that it does not register the impacts of the ‘El Niño’ phenomenon that affect the north coast and that are so severe for agriculture. 

. Also, this region has low rainfall. All these conditions make it an extremely competitive region for the sector.

Products grown in the region

In agricultural activity the most important crops are alfalfa, rice, corn husk, onion, potato, dry grain beans, prickly pear – cochineal, garlic, olive, quinoa, wheat, starchy corn

In the Arequipa region there are 140 thousand fertile hectares, of this number, 50% is destined to the cultivation of forage, and the remaining percentage to agriculture.

High productivity land, warm and suitable climate for planting, water availability, soil quality, degree of light in the region makes Arequipa region a good place for planting garlic.

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