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Our purpose is simple, make humanity healthier, bring wealth to the communities we serve, and leave Earth in better shape than we found it.



White Lion Foods is a leading Agritech group and one of Asia’s fastest growing businesses, head-quartered in Singapore with operations in Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, USA, Brazil and Peru, we use technology to produce the highest quality nuts and garlic on the planet.

Saving the Amazon, one Brazil nut at a time!

Brazil nuts are the only commercial nut found exclusively in Amazon forests. This distinction together with the rising demand for these amazon nuts has encouraged the Peruvian government to mandate the conservation of the Brazil nut tree, making it illegal to cut them down. For this reason, they are the guardian angles of the amazon forest!

The Brazil nut industry generates employment for 25 per cent of the Amazonian state of Madre de Dios in Peru. We are honoured to be a key-player in the socioeconomics of all the communities in the amazon region.

Our focus is quality, for us, quality consists of having full traceability of our products and high standards of food safety. Our new factory helps us achieve a higher quality of product with efficiency and sustainability.

We grow over 100 hectares of garlic in Arequipa, south of Peru. We cultivate various varieties, including, purple garlic, lilac garlic, violet garlic and white garlic. Most of our fields are above 3000 meters above sea level.

Study finds the link between Selenium and Covid-19 cases.

In this video, we will see David Perlmutter, MD, he is a Board-Certified Neurologist and five-time New York Times bestselling author discussing the link between Selenium and the virus we all hate, COVID-19. You can read more about this study and its findings on this LINK.
Remind you that the highest food source of Selenium is Brazil Nuts!








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