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We are White Lion Foods

White Lion Foods was launched in 2012 in Peru, with one goal, ‘To position WLF as a global producer of high quality food.’ White Lion Foods is the market leader in the growth and exportation of fresh Peruvian Garlic. At our peak, we employ over a thousand people across the field and our processing plant.

In 2015, WLF started processing and exporting Peruvian Brazil Nuts. This product has become a flagship product for White Lion Foods, and we are constantly promoting it in various markets worldwide.

As the business grows, WLF has added another product: the Peruvian Mahan Pecan Nut. These are sourced from the coast of Peru. 

White Lion Foods is set up to deliver year-round supply, with products exported to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, France, Russia and more.

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