It's in Our Roots

Our purpose is simple, make humanity healthier, bring wealth to the communities we serve, and leave Earth in better shape than we found it.

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Sustainability at White Lion Foods is more than just words—it’s a deeply ingrained ethos. As stewards of the magnificent Amazon Rainforest, we redirect 25% of our profits to projects specifically aimed at benefitting both the Amazon and the communities that depend upon its rich biodiversity.

Partnering for a Greener Future

We are proud to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted, an organization that shares our vision for a sustainable future. Together, we’re not just planting trees but also sowing the seeds for a brighter tomorrow. Our dedication goes beyond just tree planting; we are also investing in agro-farming education, supporting communities as they adopt sustainable farming practices, and restoring lands that have faced degradation. As an initial step in this collaboration, we have pledged to plant 1 million trees near our facility located in the heart of Puerto Maldonado.

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Sustainable Harvesting, The White Lion Way

Yes, Brazil nuts do grow on trees! But our harvesting method ensures they’re picked only after they’ve naturally descended to the forest floor, honouring the age-old rhythms of the local indigenous communities. This mindful approach transforms both us and our consumers into guardians of this invaluable ecosystem.


Engaging and Elevating Communities

Our vision for 2026 is to enrich the lives of 16,000 families within the Amazon region. Our ambition extends beyond mere financial aid. We’re deeply committed to directly sourcing raw materials from local indigenous communities and ensuring they’re compensated fairly for their premium Brazil nut products. This initiative doesn’t just open doors to the global market for them, but also significantly uplifts their livelihoods in tangible ways.