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White Lion Foods

White Lion Foods was established in Peru in 2012, with one goal, ‘To position WLF as a global producer of high-quality food.’ We are currently processing and exporting Peruvian Brazil nuts, from the region of Madre de Dios, in the heart of the Amazon forest! Peruvian Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, protein & antioxidants. Brazil nuts are the only commercial nut found exclusively in the Amazon forests. Consuming them helps towards the preservation of the rainforest since it is illegal to cut down trees in areas where Brazil nuts are harvested!

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In addition to Peruvian Brazil nuts, we have a business unit which grows a niche variety of purple garlic from the region of Arequipa, in the south of Peru. Most of our garlic is harvested above 3000 meters high, which helps the garlic gain a truly amazing purple colour.

White Lion Foods is set up to deliver year-round supply, with products exported to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, France, Russia and more.

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Quality Focus

In White Lion Foods, our main focus is quality. For us, quality consist of having full traceability of our products, high-standards of food safety and preserving the environment. Our quality-control team work diligently, following BRC guidelines in order to achieve and deliver an excellent product with consistency. Our company strongly believes that quality will give us a competitive edge to enrich business relationships.

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